Autosampling Professionals

A comprehensive programmable driver operates in the background and provides maximum flexibility to specify sample cup depth, wash bath depth and times for sample aspiration, wash aspiration, wash bath fluid in and wash bath fluid out. Several experimental parameters are also included for interfacing and testing with various devices. Of course the final programming window displayed to users can be as simple as specifying sample and wash times with pumps going on and off automatically using pre-programmed timings.

The Radius Labs Random Access Sampler offers a design that considers a diverse array of customer requirements. We know from experience the requirements of OEMs, end-users, startups, systems integrators, independent sales channels and experimenters. Our basic rotary-based design platform with random access to all sampling positions provides the flexibility required to meet a diversity of technical and financial requirements.


Radius Labs is exclusively engaged in the automated liquid handling business and does NOT provide analyzers which might be deemed competitive with our customers.

Whether you offer advanced products with extensive technical and market expertise or are a new entrant to fluidic processing, Radius Labs has both the experience and various price points to meet your needs. While having diverse capabilities to supply high volume customers, Radius Labs understands and respects the needs of early developers and small companies just getting started or with low purchasing volume requirements. In addition to supplying one development unit at a significant discount from list price to qualified customers, we also offer discount programs starting at just 5 units per annum. And those discounts go up as your annual demand increases.

One of the many design considerations with the Radius Labs Random Access Sampler is limited vertical throw to enable the autosampler to be located beneath a shelf on which customer modules can be stacked. This not only conserves valuable bench space, but also lends a highly professional and integrated appearance to your products.

End Users

If you need just one autosampler for use in your laboratory, the Model 1120 Rotary Autosampler comes fully integrated with everything you need to interface with your analyzer or fluidic processing modules.  Truly plug-n-play, the Model 1120 can be unpacked and put into full operation in less than one hour.  The unit comes pre-plumbed with sample tray, sample tubes, sample probe, sample tubing, color-coded sampling pump and wash in and out pumps, a single USB control cable, external power supply with cable and USB drive with control software.

An optional, low cost Lenovo laptop can also be made available pre-loaded with Radius Labs control software.

Download brochure for standard Radius Labs Model 1120 Random Access Sampler here.

Manufacturers’ Representatives

We are very interested in working with independent manufacturers’ representatives selling to end-users.  A commission of 20% is offered on single order sales.  Invoicing and shipping are done directly to your customer and commissions are paid within the same month following receipt and acceptance by the customer.  While the Random Access Sampler comes with its own control software (both for basic daily operation and advanced background control), custom drivers can also be written in cooperation with the customer as required to facilitate direct interfacing with specific instruments.  In addition, if you identify an OEM customer and assist in closing the sale, you will receive a long-term commission for the duration of the OEM contract in recognition of your efforts payable on a quarterly basis.

International Distributors

International distributors are an important sales channel for Radius Labs.  Not only do we work with you to satisfy the needs of individual end-users and according to particular country requirements, but we seek OEM and systems integration partners in your markets and the development of contractual relationships that ensure long-term financial rewards and technology commitments to you.  We will never seek to go around you directly to your customers, but will consistently work with you through our ongoing cooperative efforts.

Manufacturing Licenses & Design Integration

In addition to providing standalone autosamplers, the basic mechanism for the Random Access Sampler can be made available for integration into customer-designed systems.  Our engineers will work with you to achieve your specific electro-mechanical and software design requirements to ensure that our basic product integrates seamlessly with the design of your analyzer or fluidic processing system.

In addition, if you require a custom autosampler, our design and fabrication services are at your service.


  • Design
  • Machining
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Thermoforming
  • 3D printing
  • Injection molding
  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Stocking and Order Fulfillment

Custom Sample Trays

While our standard sample tray is designed to accommodate 120 x 5 mL graduated tubes with screw taps for sealing, many other options are available based on your specific requirements.

Tray Numbers

Options include a tray to accommodate 2 mL septum-seal vials as the Z-axis drive is designed with sufficient torque to penetrate the seals and a vial retainer ring is implemented to ensure vial retention in the tray as the sample probe is extracted from the vial.

78 Radius

Early Engineers Program

Radius Labs is a strong supporter of STEM-based education, research and development and wants to encourage young people to innovate, particularly in the area of automated fluidics processing.  Therefore, we offer both grants and substantial educational discounts to qualified individuals and institutions.  Radius Labs will also consider offering assistance in new product prototyping, alpha and beta testing, pre-production, full production, marketing and sales for private labeled fluidics-based products.



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